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Journey of Discovery

Being in self isolation is indeed a strange experience but I am finding that it does have some unexpected and surprising benefits. It is proving to be an opportunity to learn about subjects that, in my case certainly, have not been ones that have attracted my interest before.

One of these subjects is housework. Yes, housework! Don’t fall off your chair when I say that. It’s true. For some time past we have had one of those cleaning companies come to our house once a week with an army of four or five young ladies who hoover, dust, polish and scrub every surface in every room. They get through this in about one hour, which amazes me. However, in the present circumstances we have regrettably had to bring this to and end and resign ourselves to doing all the housework ourselves.

Being an enlightened modern man (no sniggering please!) I have never been reluctant to do my bit which hitherto has been more of a supporting role than actually doing anything but now that that option is no longer available, I am having to don the apron and marigolds and get stuck in and I have now been doing this for a week and I am loving it. The girls were good but really only did the basics.

First of all there has been the ordinary everyday stuff like washing the kitchen floor and hoovering the carpets. It all reminds me of a Green Gym Session where, after a morning’s work, we look with pride at what we have achieved and we feel that warm glow of fulfilment.  I look at the floor before getting to work with the bucket of Flash and a brush and I actually see the floor. I see crumbs, spots and specks, and footmarks which, I confess, I had not noticed before. When I have finished all this has gone and the floor is pristine. The joy this brings moistens my eye. The same, more or less, applies to hoovering the carpets.

Secondly there are the jobs which are less common but need to be done from time to time. These typically involve climbing a stepladder, moving heavy furniture, and rearranging shelves which have not been touched for years. The discoveries one makes are revelatory. For example at the back of a high bookshelf I found a small voice recorder that I bought ages ago and had forgotten I had and a still unopened packet of peanuts (BBD 2013). While up the stepladder I was able to observe a small spider crawling along the top of the curtain rail. I was able to gently move him to a more suitable habitat.

This whole experience is like an adventure with new discoveries at every turn. What’s great about it is that I am only at the beginning and am looking forward to many more weeks of awe and wonderment.

PS If you believe any of the above, you are probably suffering from cabin fever and you should go and have a good lie down!!

Hi Everyone,

Lovely to see lots more posts this week, I hope everyone is managing and keeping their spirits up. Thank you Andrew for keeping us all in touch with each other.

I thought in true Green Gym style I would use my 'hand tools' to cut the grass!! It lasted just about long enough to take this photo!
I have enjoyed watching Mr Robin in and out of the shed this week building his nest, now looking forward to babies. Three years ago there were 5 and two years ago 4 but last year they didn't nest in my shed, so I was super excited to spot him the other day. DON'T judge my shed! And the chimney pot doesn't belong to it, that belongs to the folks across the road!

Finally just for fun I'll send you a copy of the text I received the other day from my daughter about my granddaughters Millie 4 and Lottie 2.

We saw a robin in the garden so I was telling the girls about your robins in the shed... "grandma has got a mummy and a daddy robin in her shed and they're making a nest.." both girls getting quite excited, I explained that they will lay some eggs in the nest and Lottie starts jumping around shouting "yay yay!!"  ... Followed by "I eat them all up!!"

Good job she is not allowed to visit!

Take care, Rosie


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