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Litter Pick, Southern Town Park

Yesterday, in lovely sunshine, Eleanor, Lesley, Janet and I whiled away a couple of hours doing a litter pick in Southern Town Park. We took the opportunity to take a look at our wild flower patch, which is burgeoning to such a degree we could only just make out Ursula's beautifully painted sign! From a quick glimpse we spotted red campion, common knapweed, common field poppy, oxeye daisy, musk mallow, nettle-leaved bellflower, scabious (either field or devil's bit), possibly perforate St John's wort, and the white umbellifers are either wild carrot or upright hedge parsley or both - a closer look is needed but we didn't want to trample through the patch! It's amazing to see the transformation of this area from nettles and cleavers to a patch awash with colour and buzzing with insect life.  We're hoping to be able to revisit in late August/early September for a cut to encourage the flowers to return next spring.  We also have more wild flower seeds to sow.  Oh,

A Wildflower Patch update from Eleanor

Here are some photos of the wild flower patch in Southern Town Park. It isn't as spectacular as last month but there's plenty of knapweed and scabious and the bees and butterflies love it. I took a photo of a bee on a knapweed flower. -Eleanor