An update from Rosie and another joke from James!

Today we hear the latest from Rosie and James provides us with another mirthful moment!

Kevin - great hedgehog pictures, thank you ... any news on the frogspawn?

Yesterday I was able to have a nice cuppa with my sister, without breaking any isolation rules. She lives in the same road as me, and her house faces onto a big green. So I thought how lovely it would be if we met outside her house, each bringing our own cup of tea from home, Elisabeth sat on her doorstep and I sat about 4 meters away on the green and we enjoyed a good old catch up after not seeing each other for a month or more. That may become a Saturday habit whilst the lockdown lasts. Careless photography means that you can't properly see the wellies on my carefully selected mug!

Managed to get a picture of the beautiful peacock butterfly that has been sunning itself in my garden the last couple of days. I had to lie on my belly and commando crawl to get near it, bit messy as I'd just mowed the grass!

One other little picture in case This Little Piggy hasn't popped up on your Facebook yet.

Have a safe week and I look forward to hearing about your adventures at home.

Wheelbarrow Challenge

The Abingdon Green Gym were relaying the woodchip path on the Ock Island, as they did every year, when a new recruit arrived on the scene, a young man who seemed rather cocky. He started bragging that he could outdo any established member in any task involving strength.

After a little while one of the older members had had enough. “I’ve been listening to you boasting about how strong you are but I’ll bet that I can carry something in the wheelbarrow over to the end of the path that you won’t be able to wheel back”. “OK” said the young man. ”That’s nonsense but let’s see what you can do.”

The older member reached out and grabbed the handles of the wheelbarrow. He then nodded to the young man and said “All right. Get in.


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