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Hello Everyone
I hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying this sunshine.

A couple of pictures for you, the first is a lovely rainbow made of painted stones which has been left at the end of the road where I work. A really sweet touch is that you can take along a sharpie and write your own thank you message to all key workers on one of the stones. Certainly my work mates & myself are very encouraged by lovely things like this. We have also been spoilt with several cake deliveries from a local bakery! Postcards of Kindness and other letters for our 'family' whilst they are unable to see their own relatives.

I have been spending my evenings knitting, photo is of some little hearts which were requested by Swindon Hospital, they are being given out in pairs, one to the Covid patient and  one to their family at home, I hope they will bring a little comfort when people cannot visit their loved one in hospital. I have also made 30 hats for children in Mongolia, a friend has a contact out there, and some outfits for babies who are known as 'fish & chip' babies, born to extremely poor women in Africa, often with Aids, these babies are sent home from hospital wrapped in newspapers. I might send you a picture of these next time. Masons in Abingdon are a collection point for the outfits for these babies. Glad I did a wool shop before everywhere closed, although my sister has had to give me her stock as well, I'm just having a bit of a knitting phase!

A funny little story for you to finish with. Well, I thought it was funny but then it was my granddaughter!

Chloe was taking the girls for a walk and the 2 year old asked her if grandma could come on the walk with them. They were passing a bramble bush at the time so quick thinking Chloe said, grandma can't come today but maybe she can come with us when we go blackberrying. Chloe told me about this in a text later in the day, so I replied 'Yes, that's a date and I will bring lots of pots'. When Chloe read this to Lottie she became massively excited and jumping around shouted, 'yeah, Grandma's bringing lollipops!!' 
Aren't tiny people just too cute.

Keep safe my friends.


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