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Abingdon Green Gym x Sustrans Path Clearing, Saturday 26th of February, 2022

 This Saturday was rather special as it marked the first big work party in which we (Abingdon Green Gym) and Sustrans joined forces! Sustrans are a national charity which work to improve the provision for walking, cycling, and wheeling; so whatever people's abilities they can safely use travel routes in order to get healthier, feel better, and protect the planet.  Adrian and some of the Sustrans team had already been out earlier in the week for a preparatory litter pick and to drop letters to the residents of Abingdon in the area we were working. We hope that in hearing about our work and seeing the improvement of the path, residents will feel more empowered to take ownership of the maintenance of their local travel routes. As we are all well aware, it can be a difficult job to try and get local authorities to maintain these routes themselves, so community action is our best bet (and who knows how to show off the value of team work than Abingdon Green Gym!) It was a lovely sunny sp

Kennington Memorial Field, Saturday 12th of February 2022

This Saturday, Abingdon Green Gym were at Kennington Memorial Field, an area of pasture dedicated to the six men from the village who lost their lives in WWII. The KMF is owned by the Oxford Preservation Society, and cattle come to graze the field every summer to promote the species-rich grass it is famous for. The field was starting to look more spring-like at its borders, with lots of mustard-coloured hazel catkins and a sea of pristine snowdrops in some of the woods. We were here in our usual scrub-cutting capacity, which meant either scything or lopping the blackthorn and bramble which had sprung up at the edges of the field. The cattle can keep this down themselves when they are in residence but only whilst the shoots are young, so we were there to ensure they wouldn’t chomp down on any woody or spiky outgrowths. Sally and Adrian, our resident scythers, did an excellent job of razing this down (with frequent blade sharpening), while many of us alternated between kneeling and sta

Boundary House Fen, Saturday 5th February, 2022

This week's blog post was written by Eleanor D, the AGG chair:  We met by the Greenkeepers’ buildings for our session at Boundary House Fen. The temperature had begun to rise after an overnight frost and the sky was bright and sunny. Adrian had parked at the side of the road near the fen and unloaded the tools so for once we didn’t have anything to carry as we made our way along the hedge at the edge of the course. Once there, we carried the tools across the fen, to where Rod d’Ayala was waiting to tell us  our tasks. There was a little raking to do but most of the vegetation had been raked into heaps so most people set to work piling it into drag bags and on to drag sheets and pitchforks and transporting to the bays which we had cut into the boundary hedge last time. Rod obligingly jumped on the heaps to compress them so we could pile more on top After the break we moved to the far edge of the fen where the scythers set to work cutting down more reeds, which we raked up and transp