A musical interlude from Joanna and Andrew (and Joanna's daughter, Gertie!)

Joanna and her daughter Gertie have started up the Lockdown Folk Club! For all the stir crazy amongst you, here's Gertie singing the first verse of Crazy Man Michael, accompanied by Joanna on the guitar. The song was written by Richard Thompson, the tune by Dave Swarbrick, and it was sung by Sandy Denny on the 1969 album Liege and Lief by Fairport Convention. While much of album comprised traditional folk songs, this was an original composition and the final song on an album which, in 2002, was voted by Radio 2 listeners as the 'most important folk album of all time'. It's a classic! 

Meanwhile, Andrew and Joanna have another musical project of their very own - Vanishing Faces. It's an unusual mix of folk and electronic music that has kept them busy for the past few months. Their first 5 track EP is now up on the Bandcamp website, where it can be previewed and either bought as a download or a limited edition CD. You can find it here - https://vanishingfaces.bandcamp.com/releases


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