Andrew's return to sea!

Amidst the current chaos and the ongoing lockdown, I have been summoned back to work and will be re-joining my ship tomorrow. While most of my trips away are relatively short i.e. a month or so, this one could be a little longer. I have been advised pack for a lengthy duration, and once I walk up the gangway, I'm unlikely to be permitted back onto land until our work is complete or the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Therefore I have to be sure while packing that I haven't forgotten anything vital!

See below for a picture of the survey ship that I'll be joining - this is the vessel that I have sailed on most frequently over the past few years and has become my second home! If anyone is interested, you can click HERE for a link to a page to learn more!

Anyway, I will continue to update the blog as contributions come in from our members, but service may be a little slower than usual.

Stay safe!

Ocean Reliance


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