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Cothill Fen, 15th December 2012

For our final session of 2012  we returned to Cothill Fen.  As has been the case on many occasions this year, the heavy rain of the previous day had made way for bright sunshine as we assembled in the car park opposite the Merry Miller pub.  Here we met BBOWT site manager, Martyn Lane who outlined the morning's tasks.   We heard that earlier in the week, reeds had been cut and required raking, and some of the trees and shrubs encroaching upon the edge of the fen - mostly hazel and silver birch, required cutting back. A short walk along the lane to the site followed, carrying the tools, while negotiating all the mud and many puddles!  Upon arrival, we were shown the area that required raking and the volunteers split into several groups - either raking up and stacking the grass and reeds or cutting back the trees and saplings.  Due to the nature of the fen and because of all the recent rain, conditions underfoot were soggy to say the least.  Despite our best efforts, it was imp

Abbey Fishponds, 8th December 2012

Ten Green Gymmers turned up to help with tasks at Abbey Fishponds. It was a bright, sunny morning and just a little warmer than in recent days. There was a variety of things to be done: cutting back vegetation along the north eastern boundary path, sawing up a fallen tree, reed raking after Marjorie had strimmed the reeds, litter picking and laying woodchip along the main path. The ground was very boggy after the heavy rain of two weeks ago so a lot of woodchip was needed and it had to be fetched quite a long way, from near the Radley Road gate. For this, we were very glad of Colin's trolley, with Victor, who has recently joined Green Gym, helping to shovel the woodchip and Sally raking it out. Dieuwke and later Eleanor raked up the cut reeds and piled them up out of sight of the main path. Next week will be our last session of 2012 and we look forward to a session at Cothill Fen and a celebration meal at the pub afterwards. -Eleanor  Victor and Colin tra

Southern Town Park, 1st December 2012

Bramble bashing and a spot of litter picking at Southern Town Park were the order of the day for the ten volunteers that assembled at the football club car park, Lambrick Way.    Being the first day of December, the weather had taken a rather crisp and chilly turn.  The day had begun with a frost, but was thankfully dry.  Areas of Southern Town Park and the surrounding area were somewhat flooded from recent heavy rain, but the South-Eastern corner of the field where we concentrated our activities were dry underfoot. The group made their way to the work-site either on foot or by car, with the vehicles parked up in a lay-by in Peep-o-Day Lane so that we just had to transport the tools a short distance.   Upon arrival, it was apparent that the council had failed to collect the piles of green waste from our last session here at the end of October!  Hopefully they will soon be cleared, particularly as they are now somewhat larger than they were. Everyone was eager to get moving and