Kevin in the kitchen

I decided to have a go in the kitchen with the encouragement of Carolyn (not that I need it).

The result is a steamed pudding. I'll leave you to guess what sort it is. Needless to say the ingredients pushes the calories per ounce meter up the chart, you would need you to do 50 trips up Jarn Mound to burn it off per portion!

It didn't take long to make with the help of a pressure cooker (I don't trust those things! ever since I saw one in my childhood memory with these welded metal clamps on, to keep what seemed like the pressure at 10 tons per square inch, with a jet of super heated steam shooting out of the valve and taking the paint off the wall).

Anyway, the end product was edible and lasted me (Carolyn resisted a second helping, more for me!) a few days but I don't think it would travel well to a GG Coffee Break. 


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