A housework update from James

Housework 5

This may possibly be my last contribution about housework to the GG blog.  The reason is that I am spending so much time doing it and writing my new book on the subject that I have time for little else.

Two recent purchases have made a huge difference. The first is something I mentioned in my last contribution, namely the wonderful Dyson cordless hoover. I no longer feel the dread of getting my ankles entangled with cables and do not need to tie myself to the banister rail when doing the stairs any more. The new machine – we call her ‘Donna’ because we ‘donna know what we’d do without her’ has rapidly become a much loved member of the family so much so that we are contemplating taking out formal adoption papers.

The other purchase to which I alluded above was a pair of large size marigold gloves. Earlier I was using other pairs that were around the house but they were all medium or even small size. The trouble with them was that, while I could put the medium size ones on, it took me half an hour to get them off. I had to peel them off and when i finally managed to do it, the fingers were inside out and it took me another half hour to pull each one out. The new large ones have solved all those problems. They slip on and off with ease and are such a delight to wear that I tend to keep them on all day.

Even with Donna and the marigolds there are still hazards to be overcome but one by one we are finding solutions, all of which will be included in the book. Occasionally it is necessary to get down on all fours, to do some serious scrubbing for example. The hazard here is the risk of getting what is commonly called Housemaids Knee, henceforth to be known as Housepersons Knee. My answer to this is to place ones knees in a small, padded trolley about one foot square with furniture castors on the underside. A battery powered version is being developed.

When my book is published I will naturally give a complementary signed copy to all gymmers.


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