Andrew and Joanna on the radio!

I returned home last week after we completed our project on the ship, rather quickly due to the almost perfect weather conditions. Unfortunately my return coincided with the deteriorating weather and heavy rain! 

Now I am waiting to see when I might get sent away next, which is most likely to be towards the end of the month, providing that I avoid the current round of redundancies that is happening.

On a happier note, myself and Joanna unleashed our music upon the world on Friday (via Spotify, Apple music, Amazon etc) and got played on BBC Radio 6 Music last night! Being broadcast on national radio was a distant dream when we first discussed our eccentric musical project, but somehow it happened. 

You can catch up with the show - Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone, on BBC Sounds for the next month via this link:
Our track (Vanishing Faces - Mushroom Song) starts at around the 18 minute mark. Happy Listening!


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