An update from Rosie

Hello everyone,
Hope everyone is safe and well. 

Thought it was about time to give you a robin update, 5 beautiful babies hatched and have already fledged, I thought they were a bit enthusiastic!

I have not set eyes on any of them since they left the shed apart for the poor little one that didn't make the first night out in the big world. I opened the shed one morning and was rather startled to see 2 little robins in front of me. By the time I had popped back indoors to get my camera they had disappeared. I assumed they had flown off because I couldn't see them and I'd left the door open. When I went to put my bike away after work I spotted them in the bottom of a bucket which was standing in the shed. I led it on the side and one rapidly left, the other is the one in the photo and that one stayed around for several more days but wasn't very active. I didn't see it leave but it has disappeared.

I told you about the knitting craze last time so photos are of the growing pile of hats and outfits for newborns.

When Boris said I could travel somewhere to exercise I chose a favourite place of mine on the Thames and could not resist having a go at the HB! It is surprisingly satisfying.

Millie & Lottie collected some sticks when out on a walk this week and after painting made a rainbow picture. Millie is enjoying a lockdown 5th birthday today!

Looking forward to seeing you all Zooming on 23rd.
Keep well.


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