Hinksey Heights, 10th October 2020

This week, the Green Gym held two sessions at different sites. One of these was at Hinksey - the session having been re-scheduled from last Saturday:

The second Green Gym team at work today were at the Hinkey Heights Reserve just outside Oxford. This was our second visit to this extensive reserve and, while our first visit was all about the fen area, this one was focused on the stream running through the woodland. We were joined by a new member, Sarah, who proved herself to be a master-lopper.

Our task was simply expressed but not so simple to carry out. We were asked to clear the banks of the stream on either side of the footbridge, and this we did. The challenge was that the stream was in a deep cutting, no doubt formed over many centuries by the stream itself leaving high and steep sided banks on either side, not unlike the Grand Canyon. Not only that, but the growth of brambles and scrub formed a dense canopy over the stream. Armed with loppers, bowsaws, a scythe and some slashers, it felt at times as though we were hacking our way through jungle. Fortunately none of our party got lost and we all made it back to base for our socially distanced coffee break and again at the end when it was packing-up time.

We will be visiting this site again and we vowed that next time we will take a small aluminium ladder to help us descend and ascend the banks of the stream and also some waders because the depth of the water in places exceeded the height of our wellies.


Adrian and Roger attacking the bank.

Kevin and James playing bridge.

Carolyn passing over Graham.

A briefing by the Bridgemaster.


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