Woodhaven, Frilford Heath SSSI, 18th May 2019

We returned to Woodhaven today for more Himalayan Balsam pulling in a session led by Kevin. We made our way to the SSSI at the bottom of the grounds to find the invasive plant had grown considerably since the last time we visited, two weeks previously. It was very satisfying removing it in swathes and watching our piles mount up. Meanwhile a few of us set to clearing up fallen timber, also as before.

For tea break, Michele had made some delicious rocky roads and we discussed the merits of Pilates and tested out whether we could get up from a sitting position on the ground to standing without using our hands as leverage. Not easy! 

After the break we carried on with the HB pulling and after a full session returned to the driveway of Woodhaven house. On the way back, we noticed much more balsam in the grounds but as this wasn’t on the SSSI it was outside our remit, so reluctantly we left it.  


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