Ock Valley Walk, Tesco End, 22nd June 2019

We gathered under the summer sun in the car park of Barclays Bank for our session at the Tesco end of the Ock river path. Sixteen of us turned up for some litter picking and Himalayan Balsam pulling, including Sophie who has returned for the summer.

The balsam was a little hard to come by, but we eventually found plenty in the damp ditch that runs along the path towards the mill. We had to slash through tall nettles to get to it, but once down there, found it a cool respite from the heat of the morning. The balsam has grown quite tall by now but has yet to come into flower, so no exploding seed pods yet!

After working our way up and down the stream in the first half of the session, we found further patches on the river bank and pulled plenty more before making our way back for tea break, some of us nursing some nettle stings. Carolyn turned up to tea break with the tallest plant which must have been at least eight feet tall.

Petra had made some delicious banana bread which we ate with relish and as it was Abingdon Food Festival, it was decided that those who wished to leave after the first half could do so. But a few of us stayed on for further HB pulling and litter picking. Good work!

Photos by Andrew, apart from last photo by Kevin:

Kevin addresses the volunteers.

Colin begins the litter pick.

Joanna hunting for balsam in the ditch.

Carolyn with her huge specimen.

Tea break.

Packing-up time.

Some of the litter picked.

A grey heron in the Ock.


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