Ock Valley Walk, Town End, 13th April 2019

A robust eighteen green gymmers turned up at today’s session at the town end of the Ock River Path. We made our way in sunshine and birdsong to our usual riverside base where our leader, Margaret, gave us our tasks. The priority was woodchipping the path, and two big piles of woodchip had been left by the town council, one at each end, ready for spreading. Other than that, there was litter picking and, in theory, tidying up the vegetation where we saw it was necessary.

Once we’d decided how best to proceed (bringing the woodchip to the middle of the path, and making our way out towards the ends) we cracked on with great efficiency, some of us wheelbarrowing and dragbagging the woodchip, others raking it evenly over the surface. And with so many of us, we’d completed the whole thing by break time.

After tea and biscuits, a quick update of the tea and coffee list by Sally, and some general chit chat, we decided that we might as well go home, especially since we’ll be returning here again in the near future.

We loaded our barrows with tools and made our way back, happy and pleased with a job well done.

Photos by Andrew and Joanna, except last photo - by Petra:

Assembling in the sunshine.

Adrian surveying the scene from the summit of one of the woodchip piles.

Andrew fixes the famous Green Gym sign into place.

Lesley and travelling tea kit!

Margaret gives her leader's speech.

Joanna busy raking the freshly laid woodchip.

A trio of path menders.

James takes a shortcut back from his abode.

Wild garlic!

Margaret leads by example.

Cherry blossom from a tree we planted some years ago.

One end of the path nearing completion as the rakers and wheelbarrow crew meet.

Meanwhile, Sally and Lesley prepare for the teatime rush.

Easter eggs are shared and scoffed.

Break time frivolities.

Sally updates the tea and coffee list under Graham's watchful eye.

Time to down shovels and barrows.

Home time already!

Novelty litter-pick find of the morning!


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