Ock Valley Walk, Tesco End, 23rd March 2019

We met for our Ock Tesco end, as usual, in the car park behind Barclays Bank. We had decided to make this a short session as it was the main weekend of the ATOM Science Festival and we wanted to give people more time to visit the stalls in the Market Place.

The tasks were clearing fallen branches, which had come down during storms Freya and Gareth, cut back some brambles and pick up litter. We had only done this latter task three weeks previously but already there was plenty more to keep us busy.

We split into groups and set to work. The weather was fine and sunny and the time passed quickly. We piled the branches into habitat piles and in doing so found some Himalayan Balsam seedlings sprouting, so we will certainly be kept busy this Summer! The litter pick yielded five bags of general rubbish but only one half bag of cans and bottles. I suppose the weather had been too stormy for drinking sessions in the woods!

Soon it was time for our tea break and the end of the session and we were pleased with the amount of work we had done in a short time.

Rosie collecting branches.

Graham and Lesley lopping and sawing.

Barbara litter picking.

Tea break.


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