Southern Town Park, 10th November 2018

This was our first visit to Southern Town Park since cutting and raking the wildflower area in early September. The photo shows the very attractive sign painted by Ursula. Since then, a lot of nettles had sprung up as a result of the mild Autumn but a lack of hand forks meant we couldn’t do much weeding. However, there were a lot of brambles to be cut back and the usual litter picking. We were joined by Neil and Rhiannon. Rhiannon is working towards a Scout award, which involves community and outdoor work.

We worked hard at slashing and raking up the brambles and nettles and the weather was fine and mild. There also seemed to be less litter than usual, so maybe the youth football club had been doing their bit.

We stopped for our tea break, stoking up with plenty of cake. The second part of the session was shorter than usual as some people wanted to go to the bun throwing to celebrate the centenary of the Armistice.

Dark clouds were gathering in the sky and as soon as we had finished and loaded the tools, the first drops of rain began to fall. So, once again we had been lucky with the weather.

Photos by Ursula:

Weeding the wild flower patch.

Litter picking.

Scything brambles.

Cutting back brambles and weeds.

Ready for tea.

A great clean-up.


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