Frilford Heath Golf Club, 17th November 2018

For this session we were at Boundary House Fen on Frilford Golf Course, to continue our work here from last month. This time there were a good number of us and we were joined by Judy Webb, Alison Muldal, volunteer Mike and Rod d’Ayala, who is in charge of the project.

The main tasks were to rake up the cut reeds and deposit them in the stream flowing through the fen. This would both purify the water and make the fen wetter. We certainly noticed that the fen was much wetter than on our last visit, which showed that the plan was succeeding. Raking up the reeds would also give the calcareous fenland plants, such as marsh valerian, a chance to grow. 

There were also a lot of branches, twigs and quite large logs on one side of the fen, which needed to be cleared and put on to habitat piles. The weather was chilly but sunny, which made the tasks much more pleasant.

We worked hard and were glad of our tea break. By the end of the session, we had managed to clear all the piles of reeds. Once or twice we disturbed a medium sized frog as we raked. It must be glad of the extra water on the fen. We will be back there again in two weeks’ time to continue the task.


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