Marmalade Making, 18th January 2017

Ursula had bought Seville oranges and other key marmalade ingredients.  The Marmaladies (Ursula, Eleanor, Carolyn, Kate, Lesley, Janet and Sally) met at 9.30 and set about cutting the oranges in half and squeezing them along with the lemons.  

We then cut the orange peel into slivers and were careful not to muddle the batches. The juice of the lemons and oranges was collected and we then put that in a preserving pan with the orange peel and boiled it, before adding sugar and boiling again. 

The mixture was then left to settle before checking that it had reached setting point, when it was funnelled expertly by Ursula into sterilised jars. 

Once cooled, the jars were labelled with Eleanor's beautiful Green Gym marmalade labels.  Over 60 jars were made for the Green Gymmers to sell.


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