AGM, 7th January 2017

Abingdon Green Gym mustered for the first time in 2017 at the Perry Room, All Saints Church for our Annual General Meeting.  Refreshments were prepared in advance, with an impressive array of biscuits and snacks laid out from the off, including some chocolates that previous member and friend of the group, Victor, had sent over from Spain!

Having taken up the post of chair at 2016's gathering, Kevin took charge of proceedings and ran through a comprehensive agenda.  An overview of our financial situation was provided courtesy of treasurer Sally, Eleanor summarised the sessions held including stats on the attendance of 2016 and membership secretary Lesley provided an update on group numbers.  Other items included requirements for new tools and equipment and plans for the year ahead.  All current committee members; Kevin, Eleanor, Sally, James, Lesley, Margaret, Carolyn and Andrew agreed to continue in their roles for the coming year.

Despite the general uncertainty that 2016 unleashed, it was a good year for the Abingdon Green Gym, both in terms of membership and finances.  Indeed, an impressive number totalling 19 members attended this meeting and we look forward to continuing our successes into 2017.  But not on an empty stomach!  

Following the meeting, we walked a short distance along the road to Kevin and Carolyn's house where we assembled an impressive buffet lunch that all of us had contributed to.  This has become a vital component to commence our calendar year, and ought to have prepared us sufficiently to take on our first outdoor session of 2017, next week at Southern Town Park!

The business side of operations in the Perry Room.

...and the equally important buffet component being prepared!

The usual impressive spread.

A toast is held before we tuck in.

Two varieties of Robert's excellent focaccia bread.

...and of course Eleanor's legendary meringues!


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