Cothill Fen, 10th September 2016

The weather was wet and grey when we met for our session at Cothill Fen. Led by Judy Webb, our task was to cut down the smaller trees on the edge of the fen and make room for the professionals with their machinery to get through and fell the bigger stuff. It is essential to cut back trees and scrub and prevent it from encroaching on and eventually taking over the fen.

We set to work and, despite frequent heavier bursts of rain, made good progress. We decided to bring the tea kit over to the woods for our break, as at least we were sheltered by the trees. Michele did a Sir Walter Raleigh and gallantly cast down her waterproof so we could put the mugs on it. As she said, it couldn't get any wetter or muddier. 

Then it was back to work again, with nobody suggesting we finished early. There was a lot to do, and we needed to make sure that all the cut trees and branches were moved to piles inside the wood.
When it was time to pack up, we could see how much we had pushed the trees back from the fen, so we were pleased with our morning's work.

Photos by Eleanor:

Graham and Adrian sawing up a tree trunk
Ursula working in the wood
Wending our wet and weary way homewards

Photos by Judy Webb:

Pale Tussock Moth Caterpillar - Calliteara Pudibunda
Evidence of tree clearance as indicated by the position of the concrete post from today's session, which was formerly at tree line
The same view as above, showing concrete post, taken in 2010
The rare Ashen Coral Fungus


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