Abbey Fishponds, 3rd September 2016

We met at the Hadland Road entrance to Abbey Fishponds. In addition to thirteen Green Gymmers there were Marjorie's helpers and the Earth Trust volunteers so we were a large party with many tasks scattered throughout the reserve. 

There was cutting back vegetation from the paths around the edge, remaining Himalayan balsam in the reed beds to seek out and pull up, raking and stacking of cut grass and reeds and, of course litter picking. We dispersed to our various tasks. 

Following the hedge trimmer raking up the cuttings was a lengthy job but Barry managed to borrow a broom from a helpful neighbour. 

There wasn't much Himalayan Balsam to be found, but perhaps we weren't looking in the right places and I won't name the person who sat down in the stream while trying to cross. 

We met up again for tea break and then carried on until the rain that had been threatening for a while started, just before we were due to finish. As usual, Green Gymmers were lucky with the weather.

Robert hunting for Himalayan Balsam

Kate and Enid litter picking

Litter pickers and loppers

Barry raking up hedge cuttings

Tea break


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