Ock Valley Walk, Town End, 2nd April 2016

For our first post-Easter session and to kick off the new programme, it was back to the town end of the Ock Valley Walk.  A large turn-out of 18 people and a dog assembled by the bridge over the River Ock, including three new members; Graham, Penny and Harry.  Kevin was leading this time and gave us a quick briefing on the tasks before we set of with our tools to the work site.

The main job on this occasion was to re-lay the path through the wooded area of the site.  The council had left piles of woodchip at either end of the path, ready for us to shovel into wheelbarrows and rake into place.  We split into groups - starting at each end simultaneously and ultimately meeting in the middle.  This task was completed shortly after the intermission.

Otherwise, other members variously cut back brambles that has been encroaching upon the path, litter-picked or began the somewhat tedious process of weeding-out the first of the season's Himalayan Balsam seedlings.  We were startled more than once by muntjac deer appearing from the undergrowth as we worked!

Carolyn supplied some chocolate muffins at the break which were very welcome and hungrily devoured!  

We will be back here again soon when we will concentrate mainly on tackling the dreaded Balsam which ought to be a little more established by then!  

Session leader Kevin outlines our tasks for the morning
Kristine and friend!
Sally, Janet and Sam tackle some brambles
Dieuwke transports some woodchip for the path in a wheelbarrow
A completed section of path
Break time in the sun!
Some of the trees that the Green Gym have planted here in recent years
Oak sapling
Himalayan Balsam seedling
The first English Bluebells of the season are appearing!


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