Clubs and Societies Fair, Abbey Buildings, 23rd April 2016

Saturday was the day of the Abingdon Clubs and Societies Fair, therefore we had no outdoor work session this week.

The event happens every two years and is normally held in the Guildhall.  Many of the town's groups attend and use the occasion to showcase their activities.  However, with a refurbishment programme currently underway at the Guildhall, the fair had been re-located to the Abbey Buildings, just around the corner.

The Green Gym stand was on the upper floor of this Medieval building - a rather atmospheric venue, but also a very cold one as it has open sides - no window glazing here!

A steady stream of interested people visited our stand throughout the day.  Many leaflets and copies of our current programme were distributed by our willing, if slightly shivering volunteers.  Hopefully we may recruit a few new members as a result, but time will tell!

Directions to the event in town, but only for the most eagle-eyed!
Roll-up, roll-up...
Kate, Janet and Lesley on a recruitment drive
The upper floor of the fair
Lauren takes charge


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