Ock Valley Walk, Town End, 16th April 2016

Green Gym meets at the car park at the town end of the Ock Path. Sally tells us the jobs which include cleaning up along the river path, maintaining our little plantation of young trees, and of course dealing with any Himalayan Balsam that we encounter. We agree that it is unlikely that the rain will continue all the morning.

Colin has brought along his wonderful all-purpose trolley. It’s a great asset for this kind of job and will be well used today.

Green Gym planted these trees some time ago, and a very high proportion have survived so far. Today we pulled out weeds that were interfering with their growth, and did some maintenance in the area.

Excellent growth on many of the trees.

Coffee break. Still raining but it is bound to clear up soon.

Fritillaries in an area we cleared some time ago.

Another fritillary plus a Spanish bluebell?

A beautiful small white wildflower – I was told the name but have forgotten!

Wild garlic.

Found in the bushes by Colin. We decided to leave it by the path for now in case the owner wanted it.

Maintaining the new trees.

Robert slashing weeds.

End of the morning. Eleanor bagging rubbish for removal. It’s still raining!


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