Ock Valley Walk, Tesco End, 8th November 2014

Fifteen of us of us assembled in the car park behind Barclays Bank. We put on our boots and wellies and set off undeterred by the intermittent fine drizzle.

Kevin, as leader set out the tasks which included litter-picking along the paths and woodland walks near the River Ock, and also cutting back encroaching branches and brambles to open up spaces for wildflower growth. Previously cut timber logs were sawn or lopped into smaller lengths and stacked to provide wildlife habitats.

A surprisingly large amount of litter was collected including a lot of glass beer bottles and a large beach-ball. Colin had brought his well equipped trolley which proved to be a great asset in transporting the litter.

The weather improved somewhat and we saw the sun for a short while, although it became dull again when coffee time arrived. By the end of coffee it began to drizzle more heavily and it was decided it was time to finish for the day. We finished off by stacking our collected litter at the agreed spot for pick-up by the Vale Environmental vehicle.

Dieuke saw these. Orange Ladybirds (Halyzia 16-guttata)?

Eleanor lopping brambles

Surprising where litter gets to – Lesley

Colin always has the right equipment

Carolyn stacking logs

James slashing brambles

At last! Coffee time. Margaret and Kate


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