Barton Fields, 15th November 2014

Today we helped the Barton Field Green Team.  The day started misty, but the sun soon came through and lit up the remaining leaves and berries along the path on the edge of Barton Field.

We split up into groups and tackled various jobs. Along the footpath, David has created open bays amongst the trees to create shelter spots for bees and butterflies. These have to be kept free of snowberry bushes and young self-sown trees and suckering roots.  This also helps the wild flowers to thrive in these places.

The ponds in the reed area needed to have their margins cleared of vegetation.  The ponds are very clear at the moment, and teeming with life.  David decided to install a Kingfisher perch in each pond, and bravely waded in, almost, but not quite over the top of his waders.

Litter, as always, was a task to be tackled.  Several bags were filled and Colin did a great job with his specially adapted garden trolley.

Clearing Snowberries

Study in Red

Tea Break

Wading in

Good Job


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