Southern Town Park, 20th September 2014

It was back to Southern Town Park this Saturday for our familiar autumnal litter-pick and overgrown bramble tidy-up around the field margins.  Meeting at the Football Club car park, we decided to focus our efforts on the Peep-o-Day Lane at the other end of the site, with members various driving around to the the lay-by or walking across the field to the designated work area.

Once there and having unloaded our tools, we divided up tasks accordingly and began work.  The weather was grey, but fairly mild, and thankfully free of the heavy rain that had hit Abingdon the previous day.

A good turnout ensured that it was soon obvious that we were making headway in our tasks i.e. ridding the park of litter (for now!) and removing brambles around the footpaths and from around trees.

We were joined just before break time by our German friends, Bernd and Ursula, who are currently staying in town. They first came along to Green Gym while they were in the UK during spring 2013 and it was great that they could make a return visit.  Especially since they provided such a delicious biscuit selection while taking our tea and coffee!

There was plenty more to be getting on with once refreshed and with Bernd having taken a group photo or five!  The outstanding litter was picked and any rogue brambles were removed where possible. No doubt we'll be back again soon for another round.

The session gets underway


Part of the litter haul

The famous Green Gym sign and leaflet dispenser

Ursula, Colin and Bernd


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