Abingdon Green Gym x Sustrans Path Clearing, Saturday 26th of February, 2022

 This Saturday was rather special as it marked the first big work party in which we (Abingdon Green Gym) and Sustrans joined forces! Sustrans are a national charity which work to improve the provision for walking, cycling, and wheeling; so whatever people's abilities they can safely use travel routes in order to get healthier, feel better, and protect the planet. 

Adrian and some of the Sustrans team had already been out earlier in the week for a preparatory litter pick and to drop letters to the residents of Abingdon in the area we were working. We hope that in hearing about our work and seeing the improvement of the path, residents will feel more empowered to take ownership of the maintenance of their local travel routes. As we are all well aware, it can be a difficult job to try and get local authorities to maintain these routes themselves, so community action is our best bet (and who knows how to show off the value of team work than Abingdon Green Gym!)

It was a lovely sunny spring morning when we met with Sustrans' Nadine for a briefing on what do to. We had bought along shovels, rakes, litter pickers, loppers, brushes, and bags, and had set plans for what to do with the litter, natural debris, and soil which we were moving from the path. Our aim, Nadine explained, was to re-establish the edge of the path. In some places the mud and grass had encroached about 30cms (the length of a school ruler!) which makes a big difference when, say, a cyclist and a group of walkers are trying to use the path at once. Two teams gradually worked down the path, clearing overhanging branches and scraping up mud and grass from the edge in to neat piles which would later be collected. 

We were delighted to work with Sustrans today, and hope that this project expands and helps more areas of Abingdon and beyond maintain their travel routes! 


Listening to Nadine's briefing

Eleanor warns us to watch out for walkers and not poke them with our handles

Graham getting stuck in

All smiles with the path scrapers!

Phillip gets his back in to it! 

Sally, Nadine, and Olivia doing good clearing work

Nadine and Olivia (a friendship between clans!)

The Team!

Eleanor 4 peace!


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