Mill Road, Marcham, 9th June 2018

This Saturday we were back at Manor Farm, Marcham again as the session at Stonehill Community garden had been cancelled. We knew there was still plenty of Himalayan Balsam to be pulled up.

Like last week the morning began rather grey and chilly but by break time the sun was coming out. As we expected, after a fairly dry week the water level in the stream had gone down considerably so we were able to cross quite easily to where most of the balsam was. After more than an hour’s work we were ready for our break.

Knowing there was a patch of balsam by the road outside the horses’ field I wandered down there and found it had grown very short and thick, but quite easy to clear. The others worked along the stream. Unfortunately there was quite a lot which was inaccessible as the banks were too steep or the water was too deep to cross.

We did our best, but we know there are more small plants lurking there and ready to spring up! Next Saturday we will have a break from balsam when we go to South Town Park.

Dog roses growing around a log.

Thick juicy Himalayan Balsam by the horses’ field gate.

A group of happy HB pullers.


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