Sunningwell Green, 19th May 2018

A glorious sunny day, just the weather to dive into a pond. In some cases literally, as James, leading on the day, managed to fill his wellies.

Sunningwell pond had become overgrown and covered in algae and matts of vegetation.  The main task was to remove this and fill the waiting skip with the sludge.  We only had a couple of pairs of waders, so Eleanor, our Duke of Edinburgh Award volunteer, waded in, together with a local volunteer from the parish council.  Those without waders helped to clear the edges and overhanging vegetation.  The outflowing stream also had to be cleared of encroaching weeds.

There was an area of rough ground to dig for a wild flower patch. The hedge we planted some time ago and is doing very well, had to be weeded.
We also had some volunteers from the local community to help with all the work, which included clearing the ivy from the church wall.

The highlight of the day was the wonderful refreshments provided by Bob Evans and his wife in their lovely garden.  Cakes baked by the local volunteers were pronounced the best ever by a hungry and very dirty mob of Green Gymmers.

The skip.

Eleanor in the pond.

Clearing the outflow.

Weeding the stream.

Cutting back ivy.

Fabulous elevenses.


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