Ock Valley Walk, Town End, 28th April 2018

This Saturday saw us return to the Town End of the Ock Valley Walk.  In an amendment to the programme, we assembled at St Helen's Court rather than behind the Ock Street flats. The footbridge over the weir has recently been replaced, after vandalism of the previous crossing last year. Therefore access to the path is possible from this point again. A second change to the programme saw Sally replace Eleanor as session leader for the occasion. 

Fourteen Green Gymmers assembled at the appointed spot before heading off towards the work site to receive instruction for the tasks ahead. The weather was dull and somewhat chilly, in sharp contrast to the almost summer-like conditions enjoyed during the previous outing.

The main job was to add another layer of woodchip to the path through the trees.  The council had left two piles of chippings at opposite ends of the route. With a pair of wheelbarrows and Colin's trolley to shovel the material into, we set about distributing it as evenly as possible, using rakes to achieve the desired surface. There wasn't quite enough material to finish this time around, but we will be back soon to get it completed.

Other details included a litter pick and the removal of weeds from the bases of the recently-planted trees and from the path edges.

It was apparent that many wildflowers have sprung up in the vicinity since our last visit. Both within the patches that we have sown ourselves and in the wider area. Particularly prolific were the forget-me-nots, speedwell and wild garlic. It was good to see that a number of the fritillaries we have planted are now in bloom.

Several passers-by stopped to talk to us throughout the morning, seemingly grateful for our continued efforts here. However, upon recovering our sign upon finishing up - advertising our activities, all was not well. The leaflet holder had been removed and discarded in a nearby tree! An unfortunate occurrence at the end of an otherwise fun session.

The GG'ers assemble.

The new footbridge.

Ursula and Sally erect the Green Gym sign.

Spanish bluebells.

Sally instructs the group.

Robert slashes some nettles.

Dan tips a load.

Count the number of session participants!

Colin salutes the photographer, while the rest of the group are too engrossed in tea break activities to notice!

Cherry Blossom.


Wild Garlic or Ransoms.

Snake's Head Fritillary.




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