Southern Town Park, 23rd September 2017

Following on from our session here at Southern Town Park a month ago, the main task this time was to uproot the nettles within the wild flower patch that we have created.  Then sow some more yellow rattle seeds.

Elsewhere, we continued our maintenance tasks i.e. cutting back stray tree branches, tidying up and picking litter.

The weather was fine and occasionally sunny, and a turn-out of 15 Green Gymmers ensured that we accomplished our aims for the morning.

We look forward to checking on the wildflower patch in the coming months to see whether our efforts over these past two sessions are rewarded!

The Lambrick Way car park.

Assembling by the picnic table.

Leader Sally briefs the group.

Shaggy Ink Cap.

Clearing the wildflower patch begins.

Mushroom season!

Fallen apples.

Some of the larger fly-tipped items found during the litter-pick.


Birch Polypore.

Some of the litter-pick, at the designated collection point.


The cleared wildflower patch.

Michelle scatters yellow rattle seeds.

Autumnal colours on this hawthorn bush.

Our tools ready for packing away at the end of the session.


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