Ock Valley Walk, Town End, 16th September 2017

We returned to one of our most frequented sites on Saturday - the Town End of the Ock Valley Walk.  Fifteen green-gymmers assembled to participate in a range of tasks, directed by session leader Kevin.

A few small patches of residual Himalayan Balsam required removing, the nettles growing up around our recently-planted trees were to be slashed, and there was the usual litter pick.  Fortunately, after the recent stormy weather, there was no significant tree damage.  We had expected some branches to have fallen from some of the crack willows bordering the woodchip path, but fortunately this was not the case.

The mild autumnal weather was kind on this occasion and enabled us to work in near-ideal conditions, ensuring that we achieved all our objectives within the allotted time.

Hopefully we will enjoy similar conditions as we venture a little further from the town centre next week on our trip to Southern Town Park!

At the meeting point, 9:30am

Kevin addresses the faithful.

Clearing nettles from the base of trees.

A family of swans by the weir.

The Ock flowing past the old Mill.

Geese swim past some of the remaining Himalayan Balsam.

A spider upon a leaf.

The leaves of one of the wild cherry trees are beginning to turn.

Oak apples.

Rowan berries.

Ceremonial biscuit-opening at the break.

Tea break scene.

Fungus growth upon a fallen tree.

Beautiful mid-morning light upon the main path.

A rope incorporated into a willow tree.

The old rope swing.

Janet with some of the picked litter! (photo by Petra)

Sally with discarded crutch amongst the litter haul.  (photo by Petra)


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