Summer Picnic, Jarn Mound and Wild Garden, Boars Hill, 13th August 2016

This was a week off in our otherwise busy programme - for the annual summer picnic.  As well as being a vital social gathering, it is timed to coincide with some of our members' birthdays, including those of Ursula and Eleanor.

The venue for the event was our newest work site - the Wild Garden in the shadow of Jarn Mound at Boars Hill.  It had been decided that the location was ideal when we had our first work party here back in the spring and it was certainly nice to be able to enjoy this wonderful environment that we have been helping to renovate.

We gathered somewhat later than would be usual for our work parties - at 11:30am, and assembled a picnic table with chairs around it.  All the Green Gymmers present contributed food and/or drinks - a carefully co-ordinated operation overseen by Carolyn who unfortunately was unable to attend due to a family commitment that had come up at short notice. Despite this setback, nearly 20 hungry members turned and therefore an impressive spread was laid upon the table.

In order to work up an appetite for such a  feast, a walk was taken around the site to admire our previous efforts and to get some idea of what work would need to be done on future visits. The tour was concluded by climbing the mound itself to see if we could glimpse any kind of view of the surrounding area, however, with the tree growth all we could really see was the canopy in all it's glory.

To the main event then! We began with tea and coffee/soft drinks and proceeded onto the savoury dishes. An intermediate course of cheese was then enjoyed before dessert was served and some time was taken to relax and enjoy the occasion and the great company!  

The weather was perfect, thus a wonderful time was had by all.  Back to work next week though. Onwards and upwards...

Barry, Janet and Petra oversee the unwrapping of food
Off for a quick walk before the picnic...
One of the stone benches that was cleared by ourselves earlier in the year
The walk continues
Climbing the mound itself
The view of the surrounding tree canopy from the top of the Jarn Mound
A Harebell flower
Jessica leads the group back down from the mound's summit
The feast awaits
Finally time to tuck-in!


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