Abbey Fishponds, 6th August 2016

Green Gym arrives at Abbey Fishponds, Abingdon. It’s a fine warm late-summer morning.  James is leader and our tasks are to get rid of as much Himalayan Balsam as possible and clear the paths of encroaching growth. We will be working with members of The Earth Trust. Marjorie, the site warden indicates where some of the jobs are.

Lesley spots a Himalayan Balsam and out it comes! They are hard to see under these conditions when the reeds and other plants have grown so high. 

The reason for removing them is that they are prolific seeders and will soon under the right conditions completely colonise an area with consequent loss of native wildflowers and the wildlife that is sustained by them. They were introduced by the Victorians who saw them as a cheap and effective way of having exotic brightly-coloured plants in their gardens!

Graham is well-equipped with a slasher to do some cutting-back.

Dieuwke uses loppers for higher up.

At last! Coffee time for the combined group. The little bit of shade is very welcome.

Late-summer berries and wildflowers abounded throughout
the fishponds site. Loads of nettles and reeds and some elderberries.

Too far away to see who they are. Two Green Gymmers hunting the Himalayan Balsam.

At the end of the morning we return to our base. The cat has been sitting with our bags but doesn’t seem too pleased to see us come back.

Oh well, it’s probably time we went home as well! It was a really good morning.


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