Mill Road, Marcham, 20th June 2015

On 20th June, a couple of days  after the 200-year anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, a unit of Green Gym volunteers entered the field at Manor Farm, Marcham in response to a report of massed ranks of Himalayan Balsam deployed in the area and posing a severe threat to the native wildlife. After an initial assessment by the unit leader, Kevin, the unit advanced into the field.

Initial deployment
First sighting of the enemy.
It was soon realised that the enemy had achieved successful methods of infiltration which were going to require new tactics.

A drumhead conference was held to review strategy. Note the patriotic Wellington boots.

Field rations.

The end of the day. An example to the others!  It was agreed it had been a close-run thing and although we had made good progress we might yet have to return and fight another day.


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