Fun in the Park, 6th June 2015

The annual Fun in the Park community event once again took place in the Abbey Fields, close to the town centre.  A good opportunity for us to engage with the local people and perhaps attract new members. 

However, upon arrival, a certain amount of dissatisfaction was met with the realisation that the Green Gym pitch, along with those of the majority of Abingdon's community groups, was not (as in previous years) actually to be in the park itself.  Instead it had been relegated to the adjacent car park! Fun in the Car Park?!  The main arena was instead populated mostly with commercial operators this year.

Despite the enforced shift to the margins, a gazebo had been provided by the Abingdon Chamber of Commerce and was duly erected. The Green Gym signage was then put in place and portable tables raised.  Upon the tables were placed the usual display boards showing photos of our activities along with leaflets and the new summer programme. Spots were also reserved for our perennial treasure hunt game and for marmalade and lemon curd - made by Green Gym members and sold to raise group funds.

A steady stream of people visited the stall, with many of our regular members helping out in shifts throughout the day. In addition to the general public, Abingdon's new mayor, Helen Pighills, dropped by, as did our recently re-elected MP, Nicola Blackwood.  

The event concluded at 3pm and it was time to pack up and get going, ready to clear the area for the follow-on event, Music in the Park.  The gazebo was dismantled ready for collection and other paraphernalia was carted off to the nearby Cattle Market car park, where Eleanor's husband, Arthur had been able to stop with his vehicle.  

Another successful event, but let us hope that next year we might be permitted to return to the park itself, where we are likely to be more visible to the public!

photos by Eleanor:

The early shift!

Open for business!

photos by Andrew:

Eleanor chats to Abingdon's mayor, Helen Pighills

The legendary Abingdon Green Gym marmalade!

The ever-popular treasure hunt game

Our local MP, Nicola Blackwood drops by

Will it be Fun in the Park or Fun in the Car Park next year?!


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