Ock River Path, Saturday 9th of July 2022

 This week's blog post was written by AGG Chair, Eleanor D.!

There were only eleven of us, a smaller number than usual, at this session, other events in Abingdon having lured away some of our regulars. Our tasks were to pull up Himalayan Balsam, to widen part of the path leading to New Cut Mill, where nettles and reeds had encroached and there were overhanging willow branches, and to pick up litter, of which there is always an abundance in the Tesco area.

Sally set to work with the scythe, cutting back reeds and nettles and James cut back the willow branches. There was plenty of work pulling up Himalayan Balsam in both the woodland and the ditch. Philip did a sterling job of picking up litter. By the break, the sun had come out, but our base camp was in the shade of the trees. After the break some of us changed tasks. 

There was a lot of raking up to be done and Adrian decided to go into the river (not mentioned in the risk assessment!) to pull up the balsam that couldn’t be reached from the bank. Barbara went to pick up the “little bit of remaining litter” in the corner between the path and the road, but there was much more than anticipated.
By the end of the session we were really pleased with the amount we had achieved, despite being fewer in number than usual.

Jolly tall!

Never mind sunflower competitions, what about Himalayan Balsam! 

Among the nettles like a rose among thorns

Is Adrian in too deep? Find out next week


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