Thrupp Lake, Saturday 19th of March, 2022

This week's blog was written by noble and esteemed session leader, Kevin:

We were met by Tristan from Earth trust who manage the site with the help of various volunteer groups. Parking can be an issue near this lake as it is popular with dog walkers, joggers, bird watchers and families (but they are in the process of expanding the area for parking bays soon). Lucky enough for us, Tristan had access to the compound where we had ample space to our cars, although it was good to see about half of the team had either biked there or even walked.

Once camp established, were greeted by a cacophony of the wild bird calls from the lake, spring being prime time for mating etc. The tasks for the morning work-out were to open up the bank side views of the lake, clear away brambles, reeds, and young shrubs that have grown up over the passed year, plus a bit of litter picking. Tristan had already been around and sprayed marked areas where he wanted us to clear.

It was a lovely sunny morning making the job a most enjoyable experience, and luckily our side of the lake was sheltered from the cold wind. Grabbing our loppers, rakes, pitch folks, scythes, and slashers we split up to different locations around the lake.

Work was done at leisurely pace to stop and watch the antics of the wild fowl on the water. No one fell in, although at one point when I was splashing about in the shallows cutting the foliage off the bank I found that my wellies had a puncture. By the refreshment break we had nearly completed the job, but for clearing an area on the far side where a bench will be (there had been a hide there but had be burnt down). Hopefully the bench will be vandal proof!

The view before

Sally and Graham wade in

Barbara and Rosie in full swing!

Henry and Helen admire their work

An interloping terrapins 

Violets in the spring sunshine

Ducks on a date


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