Kennington Memorial Field, Saturday 30th November 2021

This week's blog post was written by volunteer and leader, Eleanor Dangerfield. 

This Saturday we were at Kennington Memorial Field, which is managed by Oxford Preservation Trust. We have been coming here twice a year for a number of years now, once at the end of October and once at the end of February.

The day had started off very wet, but as we met in the car park the rain began to clear and Stephen Dawson from the Trust gave us our instructions.

The main task was to cut back brambles and other vegetation which was encroaching on the field,  some lucky people getting to use the “tree popper”,  while a smaller group was to clear logs from the stream at the bottom of the valley and cut back overhanging branches. We were also joined by some Kennington residents who had worked with us before.

By coffee break time our Green Gym luck was holding and the weather had turned quite sunny. Then it was back to work, continuing with the lopping, scything and raking tasks and making habitat piles with the logs from the stream and the cut vegetation. We were pleased with our morning’s work and look forward to coming back again in the Spring.

If you like information boards: Kennington Memorial Field is the place for you (photo by Sally)

The morning's briefing by Stephen Dawson from Oxford Preservation Trust (photo by Sally)

James reaches up on high (photo by Eleanor D.)

Charlotte and Charlotte's Mum in the ditch

 (photo by Eleanor D.)

The three loppeteers! (photo by Sally)
Bonus frog! (photo by Michele)

A breaktime arrangement fitting for a Renaissance painting (photo by Sally)

The troops at the end of the session (photo by Sally)


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