Summer Picnic, Jarn Mound and Wild Garden, 17th August 2019

Our annual summer picnic was held last Saturday at the Jarn Mound and Wild Garden as per the last few years. Fingers and toes had been crossed that the weather would be fine, in contrast to the wild and changeable conditions that the previous week had offered.

As we arrived, the sun shone, yet some ominous looking clouds were also evident. One of the reasons for choosing this site, which is also one of our work venues, is due to it having a sizeable shelter as a bad-weather back up. However during his recce, Kevin found that it was already occupied! Therefore we would have to set up outside and hope for the best.

Seventeen Green Gymmers gathered for the occasion, along with Eleanor's husband, Arthur. Once we had unpacked the food and drinks from our vehicles and transported it to the garden, we decided to take a short walk in order to work up our appetites. James remained to keep guard over the picnic as we set off.

A light stroll through the nearby woodland and heath was all that was required for our collective appetite to manifest and it wasn't long before the spread was prepared and unveiled upon the large table. However as we were about to tuck in, a shower of rain appeared and we hastily covered it again, waiting for our moment.

The sun soon had his hat back on and feasting commenced. As ever, an impressively vast buffet of savoury items was evident, largely comprising homemade fare. For dessert, a range of cakes and cheese and biscuits were presented before us, including Michele's amazing Green Gym-themed cake centrepiece!

The weather remained fine for the remainder of the occasion and we left full and happy. Many thanks to Carolyn and Kevin for co-ordinating the event. Back to work next week though, where we will be hay raking at Barton Fields.


Photos by Andrew and Joanna:

The venue.

Setting up the table.

Preparing for our pre-picnic stroll.

One of several mushrooms seen on our stroll. Possibly a rather nibbled 'charcoal burner'.



Joan and Andrew.

Group shot!

The first course.

As soon as the picnic been unveiled, a shower of rain appeared.

Michele's amazing Green Gym cake!
The sun reappeared as we tucked in.


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