Summer Picnic, Jarn Mound and Wild Garden, Boars Hill, 11th August 2018

We had our Green Gym summer picnic on Saturday with not a pair of loppers, saws or rakes in sight, although we were tempted to have a go at pulling the odd shoot of himalayan balsam!

As per the last few years we chose Jarn Mound as the venue. It is an Oxford Preservation Trust site at Boars Hill, one of our favourite work locations.

There were eighteen members attending, bringing with them a delicious selection of their mouth-watering home-cooked food. Definitely an excuse to have second or third helpings!

It seems to have become a tradition for us to build up an appetite by going for a short walk, to a well known spot looking out over the "Dreaming Spires of Oxford" made famous from a poem by Matthew Arnold. On this clear, fresh, sunny morning the view didn't disappoint.

We were well into our meal when we had the added enjoyment of the arrival of Kate with her daughter and her 6 month old twins Frankie and Eddie. They became the centre of attention, being passed around by everyone for a cuddle.

Our thanks to Carolyn for her efforts in organising the event. The great weather was an added bonus, ensuring that it was a most enjoyable picnic.

Rosie and Joan make a spirited lead.

Shady, sunken path, with glimpses of golden meadows beyond.

Cowboy Colin heading for the roundup!

Overlooking Oxford. Sign language by courtesy of Colin's hands!

The Signal Oak, which should have been the Signal Elm from the poem.
Colin manages to roundup and corralled the GG'ers for the album!

Heading back with an appetite!

The best part!


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