Southern Town Park, 4th November 2017

Southern town park is a large site in south Abingdon surrounding the rugby football fields  - there are many trees, brambled areas, the beginnings of a wild flower area instigated by the green gym.  It is a popular spot for locals to walk and cycle and take their kids to play sport.

This autumn visit for green gym to this site entailed litter picking, nettle slaying, bramble bashing and caretaking of the newly planted wild flower patch to remove invasive species (mainly nettles).

The day started off very cold but and wet, but not long in the rain stopped, 13 brave souls joined in and we spread ourselves around the brambly area to the east side of the site, along peep-o-day lane and along the southern side towards the wild flower area.

Litter picking started off with attempting to fix litter bags to the new hoops that Sally obtained to help with the activity - with much success the pickers went off on their way to collect.  Brambles were chopped enough to free the trees surrounded by them, and the wildflower patch had nettles handpicked.

Tea time was a welcome break, chat about the new hoops ensued, along with a lovely four legged visitor turning up near the end where we learned quite a lot about guide dogs, both active and retired, from her owner.

Post tea we continued with our activities and left the area less brambly, less nettley and less littered!


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