Southern Town Park, 8th October 2016

We didn't expect a large group for our session at Southern Town Park but in the end, ten people turned up. The main tasks there were bramble clearing and litter picking. We hadn't been there since March and there were a lot of brambles overhanging the fences and encroaching on the roadway as well as engulfing the trees in the enclosures.

The weather was cloudy and at times drizzle threatened but it generally remained dry. We set to work and the piles grew steadily. By tea break we had also collected a few bags of rubbish, mostly drinks cans. Adrian brought some fruitcake, which was a welcome addition to our biscuits.

As we continued to cut back and slash brambles, a lot more litter and fly tipping was revealed including several apparently quite full paint tins. Such was the Green Gymmers enthusiasm for slashing that, as 12.30 approached, it was difficult to tear them away from their task and encourage them to clear up. Meanwhile, Carolyn patiently swept the roadway.

We had quite a lot to show for our mornings work, including two very impressive piles of brambles and a large collection of rubbish.

Cutting back brambles

Tea break

Kate and Adrian show off the bramble heap

A collection of rubbish


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