Southern Town Park, 23rd November 2013

It was a couple of months since our last session at Southern Town Park and since then, the onset of winter has become rather apparent.  Fortunately however, Saturday morning was relatively mild, in sharp contrast to the preceding week.

We assembled as usual in the Football Club car park, and this time, we decided to focus our efforts on the area in the South-West of the park. We began the walk around the playing fields and across the newly-restored bridge to get there.  Once we had arrived and inspected the site, the most obvious task was to clear the wooded area of brambles and other climbing plants that had begun to choke the trees.  At the same time, a litter-pick was conducted, although the litter situation was not the worst we had seen.

Despite being late in the year, the brambles were still thick and had managed to climb quite a height up and around the trunks of many of the trees.  It was difficult work cutting and removing them while trying to avoid entanglement with all the thorns.  Eye protection was definitely a good idea.

As always with this site, it is not the most interesting of those that we visit, but it is good that we can make an obvious improvement to the local environment that can be enjoyed by so many.  No doubt we will be back in the New Year to continue our operations.

Arrival at the work site

Dieuwke, Robert and Margaret get stuck in

Work in progress!

Eleanor, mid litter-pick

Andrew amongst the trees

Time for tea


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