Ock Valley Walk, Town End, 15th July 2017

We were back at the Town End of the Ock Valley Walk this Saturday to continue with our various tasks here under the guidance of session leader, Sally.  These included the seasonal Himalayan Balsam pull, checking on the health of the trees that we have planted here in recent years (and clearing vegetation from around them), trimming back dangerous willows and of course the usual litter-pick.

Since we were 17-strong on this occasion, many hands made light work.  Dividing up into smaller teams, we set about our work, mindful that the session was shorter than usual - finishing at 12pm instead of the usual 12:30pm.  This was so that several amongst us could attend (regular Green Gym members) Barry and Enid's 90th birthday celebrations later in the afternoon.

The tea break was brought forward to 10:45am at which point Eleanor produced one of her lemon drizzle cakes, to the delight of the workers!  This even mitigated the fact that it had begun to rain as we assembled back at our base camp.

Ready and raring to go for the reduced and somewhat soggy second half, we completed our assignments and were off on our merry way according to plan at midday.

Sally addresses the faithful.

One of the wild cherry trees that we have planted here.

A snail clinging to a nettle leaf.

Margaret and Matt trim back a weeping willow that was hanging across the main path.

A den in the woods.

Kevin saws up a fallen crack willow.

A Guelder Rose with ripening berries.

Graham and Rosie pull balsam from the edge of the Ock.

A robin's egg that had fallen from a nest.

Wet-weather gear donned during the tea break.

Eleanor's lemon drizzle cake.

Plenty of balsam on the other side of the river!

Soggy feet.

Clearing vegetation at the woodchip path margins.

The Abingdon Green Gym sign post!

Jessica and her borrowed gloves covered in burrs!


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