Mill Road, Marcham, 8th July 2017

Our second visit of the summer to Manor Farm, Marcham saw eleven Green-Gymmers assemble outside Cumber's Farm Shop on a beautiful July morning.  We welcomed along new member Matt, while Eleanor (with mother, Anna) was here for the final session to contribute towards her bronze Duke of Edinburgh award.  Once briefed on the morning's activities by session leader, Kevin, we ventured off to our work site.

As before, we were here to pull the non-native Himalayan Balsam from the field margins and the banks of the streams.  The plant is so prolific at this location that we could not hope to achieve total elimination, but instead concentrate on reducing it in certain areas before it spreads and scatters seeds.  The ultimate aim is to narrow its coverage over the coming years and thus allow the native flora to regenerate.

We commenced operations at a slow and steady pace due to the heat, yet made reasonable inroads.

The tea break crept up, almost by stealth, and we marched back along the fields to the main farmyard, where we set up shop in one of the barns.  A number of chairs were found stacked in a corner and so we were able to refresh ourselves in comfort, with the downside being that there was a somewhat reduced motivation to start up again afterwards!

Nevertheless, we headed back for a final pull, with most of the group concentrating their efforts within the shadier areas and attempting to avoid the burning heat.

Kevin welcomes new member, Matt.

The stream running through the site.

The infamous Himalayan Balsam plant, in flower.

Graham, arguably the Green Gym's hardest-working member!

Ursula, James and Kevin, mid-discussion.

One of the many poppies in the vicinity.

Chairs out and refreshments being prepared in the barn.

Time for a brew.

Manor Farm with balsam in the foreground.

Lords and Ladies - one of the native plants found here.

Andrew perched upon a pile of pulled balsam!

Sally and Eleanor prepare to cross the raging stream at the end of the morning.

Back across the farmyard and home!


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