Ock Valley Walk, Tesco End, 16th January 2016

This was our first outdoor session of the year, following-on from last Saturday's AGM.  However, while last week had been warm and rather spring-like, the temperature had plummeted in the meantime and the day was off to a frosty start.

Indeed, at one point during the week, plans had been afoot to cancel or find an alternative work site due to heavy rainfall flooding part of the Ock Path and the immediate vicinity.  Fortunately the area had dried out sufficiently and this was not necessary.

We assembled in the nearby car park as usual ready to get on with the morning's tasks.  Session leader Eleanor instructed us accordingly, with a litter-pick being the priority.  In addition, the removal of some dangerous willow branches close to the path was also on the agenda.

Splitting into smaller sub-groups, we got underway, keen to keep moving and stay warm in the cold conditions.  There was as expected, much litter to clear and divide into recyclables and non-recyclables.  There were also some unexpected items recovered, including a set of bicycle wheels, a car bumper and the obligatory supermarket trolley!

A brief pause for refreshments notwithstanding, we worked solidly throughout the morning, filling up many refuse sacks and improving the environment considerably. It was good to be back after the winter break and continuing our good work! 

Assembling in the car park
A large patch of ice adjacent to the Ock Valley Walk
Blue skies!
An elder bush sprouting leaves following the recent warm weather

A section of fence next to the path is still missing following the collapse of a large willow branch last year
Refreshing ourselves
An earthworm came to visit!

Barry, Robert and Colin clear fallen willow branches
Our litter picking haul including a supermarket trolley, bike wheels and car bumper!


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